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Project title:                            „The Enlargement of the Vysočina Region’s Data Warehouse“
Registration number:            CZ.1.06/2.1.00/08.07024
Project commencement:      26 April 2011
Project termination:               31 October 2012
Total project expenses:        CZK 20 813 250.00
EU funds:                               CZK 17 691 262.50
Regional funds:                     CZK 3 121 987.50
The Enlargement of the Vysočina Region’s Data Warehouse project is co-financed from the EU funds, the European Regional Development Fund.

The purpose of the project was to develop an extensive source of information and a tool to: logo.PNG

  • generate strategic materials (for the decision-making processes of local government),
  • perform the everyday work of founding departments
  • benchmark organizations within the same sector and to perform sector assessments and organization assessments
  • set up the monitoring of selected quality indicators
The project was implemented by contractors in three separate commodity units.
  • Commodity 1 – The development of a system to analyze unstructured data and monitor unstructured data sources (implemented in two separate parts)
  • Commodity 2 – The development of the “Regional Economy and Budget” data marketplace
  • Commodity 3 – The Enlargement of the Vysočina Region’s Data Warehouse (the upgrading of the existing data warehouse and the development of data marketplaces except for commodities 1 and 2)
Part 1:
Contractor: Asseco Central Europe, a.s., Praha 9, Podvinný mlýn 2178/6, postal code: 190 00, IČ: 27074358
Price incl. VAT: CZK 2 041 920.00 
Part 2:
Contractor: Asseco Central Europe, a.s., Praha 9, Podvinný mlýn 2178/6, postal code: 190 00, IČ: 27074358
Price incl. VAT: CZK 1 638 244.80
Structured data means data saved in an organized structure both in internal and external databases. Such data is today the dominant data source used to support control and decision-making processes. In this project, unstructured data is viewed as “textual” documents from internal regional sources. The ratio of information saved as unstructured and structured data is approximately 80:20 and the volume of unstructured data is growing exponentially, while the volume of structured data is growing linearly.
The applied solution is based on Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 technology. The main search method searching is the full text search (including logical operators). The search result is a list of located documents that are organized according to their relevance. The located text includes a title, a phrase from the text and basic metadata such as the author, the date of creation, the size, etc.). The user can further specify his or her query according to information offered by the system.
This results in a tool capable of predicting different processes and actions based on a retrospective reality description – a decision-making and prevention tool.
Contractor: GORDIC spol. s r.o., Jihlava, Erbenova 4, postal code: 586 01, IČ: 47903783
Price incl. VAT: CZK 2 080 800.00

This portion provides a comprehensive solution for the region’s accounting and budget purposes:
  • Regional budgets (incomes and expenses)
  • The region’s accounting budget
  • Property (internal property at the Regional Authority, the region’s property in general)
  • Municipal economies (with the scope of form FIN2-12)
  • Cash flow
  • Project funding

Contractor: Asseco Central Europe, a.s., Praha 9, Podvinný mlýn 2178/6, postal code: 190 00, IČ: 27074358
Price incl. VAT: CZK 14 871 250.80

This portion of the project involved the implementation of an enlarged data warehouse to include:
  • The School System marketplace (all statistics from the Institute of Information and Education) – monitoring of different indicators depending on school types
  • The Health Service marketplace – data import from the unified ERP in health care (economic activities – cost and revenue account turnovers down to a specific sub-account, claims and liabilities, wage reporting, costs of hospital dispensaries, repair plans, investment cards, overviews of payment and procedures from health insurance companies)
  • The region’s property investment and repairs performed by the Department of Property Management, records of all property held by subsidized organizations)
  • Subsidies – a link to the eDotace system (all subsidies provided by the region) and CEDR III (a register of subsidies in the Czech Republic)
  • The Land Register (extracts according to title deeds)
  • Internal operations of the Authority (electronic records of absence from work)
  • Project Management – monitoring of European projects implemented by the Vysočina Region
  • The enlarged Safety marketplace (new records of traffic accidents)
  • The Statistics marketplace