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VN.jpgWelcome to Analytical and Statistical Services
For several years, the Vysočina Region has been implementing a number of activities focused on the introduction of modern IT technologies in data collection. As early as 2004, the Region started to build a data warehouse for the centralized storage of data generated during processes related to the operations of the Regional Authority, the Region and organizations subsidized from the regional budget. Since the very beginning, the data warehouse has included statistical data collected from different statistical institutions. The date warehouse has become the primary location for analyzing and reporting data, as well as making the data accessible to users. The analytical portal, as a gateway to data warehouse outputs, has also been under development for several years. Recently, it has undergone a major change and its current form was designed as part of a project co-financed from the Integrated Operational Programme, entitled “The Enlargement of the Vysočina Region’s Data Warehouse” (for more information about the project, see the link). It uses the Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 technology.
In addition to the sections that have been published to date, i.e. Safety, Life in Vysočina, Municipal Economy, Unemployment, and information on organizations financed from the regional budget, it provides a completely new insight into subsidies, both from the regional and the state budgets. One major improvement is the opportunity to create your own analyses in the Subsidies, Safety, and Registers sections. Working with analytical tools is facilitated by manuals. We hope you will find the new portal user-friendly and that it will provide a lot of useful and interesting information.
Ing. Vladimír Novotný, Vice President
The Vysočina Region by Numbers

Population509,274 (1/1/2019)
Area6,795.57 (km², 2016)
Number of municipalities704
Unemployment5.17 (%, 12/2016)
Crime rate11.75 (crime per 1000 inhabitants, 2016)
Traffic accidents4,129 (2016)
Average salary26,754 (CZK, 2016)
GDP per capita353,587.00 (CZK, 2015)